Karen Monaghan


A blog. I know this is something I am supposed to do, like social media and other marketing. Truth is I would rather be painting or making. The danger is, it could turn into a rant and since this is the first one I should probably try to break that in gently.

So, this one is about walking. In the same way that you can’t jump on a trampoline without laughing, you can’t walk without getting something else; the bonus ball; the cheeky win. Whether its clarity of thought; a feeling of wellness or just joy at being outdoors, everyone’s walk is different.

I have several kinds. The walk from A to B; a necessity, probably short, mind on other things. The beach stroll; usually with others, maybe a dog, speed of walking controlled by others and distractions causing a stop/start kind of thing. The hike; up a hill, a full day event and depending on the severity and conditions, I might just be focussed on staying alive.

The ideas walk though, now there’s a walk. It has to be done alone. The optimum time for this is anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours. Absolutely tanking along and plugged into a music device. Within minutes the ideas come. Design problems become solutions. Words become stories/poetry/songs. The music on the device is heard more clearly, lyrics properly listened to. Lyrics become tied with the place. Walking the same walk again evokes the same tunes. The landscape is clearer, the colours brighter, or softer, or more muted or just… more. Hours pass. Useful hours and a head full of ideas to work on tomorrow.